BOOKLETTA is the bag for women who read, a copyrighted invention unique in the world and 100% invented and produced in Romania.

In 2012, Rusanda Cojocaru launches a innovative bag that has a special transparent pocket that both protects and shows off your book in a new and fashionable way. This way fashion and culture come together and create an object that promotes reading and allows your book to represent you on the streets.

Why not be judged by the covers of your book? By wearing Bookletta, the title of your book represents you in the world, on the streets, at your office or even at events, more then any brand you wear. 

Bookletta is produced from natural italian leather and italian accessories and has a wide range of available styles: from Bookletta SAFARI (casual & relaxed), MINI (elegant and chic), MAXI (office), MAGIC (classic), MIDI (retro & fab) to the Backpack (sport and trendy). Our book bags are shipped worldwide and have already reached 4 continents and many, many countries. We are happy to have in our #booklettagirls community writers, bloggers, tv stars, actors, cultural personalities, singers, influencers and lots of smart, powerful and successful women. 

The  woman that wears Bookletta on her shoulder is more than an ordinary woman, she knows how to choose objects that stand out in the crowd, objects that not only have meaning and purpose but both promote local and small innovative entrepreneurs. She also believes in the cultural mission of this bag- promoting reading and making it fashionable again!

Super-WOMEN have Super-BAGS!

OH, we forgot to tell you. Every Bookletta you order gets a FREE INCLUDED BOOK! 

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